Algarve sound equipment rental

Go – Algarve Audio Equipment Rental – DJ services for events, parties and weddings. Hello everyone and greetings from my new site, because its just published just not finished yet, so in the coming weeks there will be some changes, improvements and updates, provided that there is something specific you would like to find out, contact me using the contact forms at the bottom of the page, we look forward to talking to you soon. Wedding services including ceremony, cocktail and DJ set. A complete all-day driving care service from start to finish, so you can really enjoy your personal day without worries. We also work with your wedding planner, if you use one, the site coordinator and the Celebrant, to ensure that your event runs smoothly and without stress. Ceremony: Speakers, background music, wireless microphone for your Celebrant and for virtually any reading by guests, which means that your service can be clearly heard by all your guests. Welcome Drinks: Speakers and background music. Evening entertainment: DJ set including background music when you are eating or during the day, wireless microphone easily accessible for your speeches. Please contact a more detailed description of services tailored to your needs. Algarve Audio Rental – A high-performance iPod audio system. Great solution for any party or event where a DJ is not required, user-friendly plug’n’play system suitable for up to 80 people, package containing high quality 2 x 400 watt speakers from Mackie or RCF, speaker stands, sound mixer, table with equipment , all relevant connecting cables including network extension cables, the device allows you to connect from your iPod, Iphone, tablet or laptop with a single cable, everything you would need if you noticed a rich device in pre-designed playlists. Focused on your venue and compiled user instructions. Algarve Sound Equipment Rental – You can also find your own lighting here, check availability.


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